Monster was looking to expand it's offering by providing a service that helped parents and their kids explore different careers.

The Problem

Where is my internet guidance counselor?

The Solution

Monster was an intensive 6 week project where I worked closely with the Managing Director of Product, Christina (Lopez) Stensvaag. Christina had done her research and brought a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to this brand extension, which included relationships with Nickelodeon that provided us with some key choices around design and language based on the demographic we were going for, 8-12 year olds.

After sketching out ideas and then moving on to the whiteboard, we narrowed down our ideas to core features and began listing out requirements for each page. The pages went through multiple iterations and finally grew into an interactive flash demo. I was the sole designer on this project and handled all flows and wireframes, coding, UI, and interaction design.

Check out the demo

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