MeeVee provided personalized TV and movie guides based on the user's favorite actors or genres.


MeeVee started out as a set top box that helped you program your favorite TV shows. I joined the company after it had made the jump to a a web app. We created three great features while I was there: Interest Channels, which showed what programming (or celebrities) were trending and gave users the ability to get involved; MeeVeeTV, our video aggregator that pulled in videos from dozens of sources on the web; and finally, a robust community that made it easy to connect with others, write reviews and track of your friends' activities.

Other projects included: Creating Facebook apps to drive membership, custom iconography, ad banner campaigns, creating custom video players for potential partners, and site takeover advertising.


Sadly, MeeVee closed it's doors in 2008. Funding had run out and we couldn't compete with the deep pockets of TV Guide. They, of course, started using our custom scheduling technology in the years that followed.

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