Magnet helps mobilize the enterprise with a highly scalable and extensible Enterprise Mobile Middleware solution that allows your team to develop, deploy and distribute enterprise-grade mobile apps with the least amount of disruption.

The Problem

The startup was founded by Alfred Chuang of BEA Systems fame and things had been moving slowly due to old software design development practices - namely the waterfall model. When I joined Magnet, they were without an in-house product designer. Together with Tom Ku and his crack team of engineers, we set out to redesign a mobile application called SalesWIN that would demo what could be built on the Magnet platform. SalesWIN was deal collaboration software for enterprise sales professionals.

The Solution

We immediately sat down with sales professionals and talked about their needs. They wanted key information about their deals without having to dig deep into the app because they were always on the go. We scrapped traditional screen flows and came up with a dashboard that allowed them to easily access their deals and take action. I built a prototype, which quickly evolved into a finished piece that our off-shore developers could reference for interaction as well as design. We built the app in less than 6 weeks on Android which led to a completion time in under 4 weeks for the iPhone.

Other projects included enhancing the SalesWIN app for tablet, a stealth website built to intrigue developers (while staying out of the spotlight), a developer's portal, and the beginning of an Enterprise app distribution store.

Enterprise App Distribution

Stealth Website

Developers Portal

Developer's Portal: Flows and Wireframes

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