Lil' Baby Names

Naming your little one can be a daunting task. This app makes it easy to discover names with the fastest name search around.

The Problem

My co-worker had a dilemna. He was searching for an app to help him find a name for his newborn son that contained the names Don and Gary (grandparents of the baby). He couldn't find it, so he wrote his own. I helped him make it more user-friendly. p.s. His boy is now named Graydon.

The Solution

We trimmed the fat of most other baby name websites and apps and just focused on the name. We wanted to make it easier for those who were less concerned about meanings and origins and more interested in phonetics, letter matching, and length with scenarios like:

- How do I find a name that goes well with my last name?

- How can I find variations of a someone within my family?

- I like the sound of a certain name. Are there other similar names?

- I want a short name that start with a vowel.

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