ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment for pro gamers, core enthusiasts and their lifestyles.


Astro Gaming is a kick-ass brand. Working with that team and the super talented folks at Astro Studios was an honor. The company was growing fast and as their Lead Interactive Designer, I was in charge of many tasks including the e-commerce website, a customer service portal, the Astro Gaming Interactive Playbook, and the beginning of an online product configurator. Other design projects included packaging, instruction manuals, product labels, soft goods, trade show collateral, partner pitches, flyers, stickers, brand books, brochures, post cards and business cards.

Astro focuses on User-Focused Design by hitting the tournament circuit, LAN parties and the home of the casual gamer to gather field research. After developing rich personnas, they deliver an experience that starts with the unboxing and ends when you place your headphones down after a 14hr stretch of an unrivaled audio experience.


After a few years of hard work, we were acquired by Skullcandy. My last project was setting up the Astro eBay store before leaving voluntarily to finish my house and get ready for baby.

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