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John Setzen | Designing Informed Experiences and Fighting the Good Fight

I’ve been using Media Temple’s services for 10 years or so. I’ve always thought their UI and customer service were superior to other companies, especially…

Mobile Design Now

Luke Wroblewski has done a lot of invaluable research in important areas of usability that most people don’t have time for. I have several of…

Melissa Matross – Better Revenue through UX: Bringing Down the Banners the Hotwire Way

Great talk about how Melissa got rid of banner advertising at Hotwire and introduced a new method of creating revenue by knowing her customers and…

Jason Putorti

While working at Magnet, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Andreessen Horowitz’s Design Talks. There were some good people from companies like Facebook,…

What does a Usability test sound like?

Who better to give a demo than Steve Krug himself, author of Rocket Surgery Made Easy and Don’t Make Me Think.