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Snowboarding in BC

Here’s a little video from my recent trip to British Columbia. This was my first attempt at using a GoPro. On the first day the…

Dancing Bean

My wife grabbed some funny footage of Anna getting really excited when the opening song for eebee baby, so I turned it into a dancefest…

Poly app for Ipad

A simple way to create polygonal based geometric patterns on top of images. Select from your camera or your library and start touching points. It…

Future Forms

I’ve started documenting my collection of space age electronics through another website. It’s always been something I’ve drawn to ever since I stumbled across a…

Providence Children’s Film Festival

My sister-in-law asked me to come up with a video trailer for the Providence Children’s Film Festival that she has been involved with for the…

Climbing Mt. Shasta

A bunch of clowns decide to kick off the summer right by sleeping in wet tents in the freezing cold.

Flight F939

Another plane sunset coming back from Mexico.


Before there was Flickr and geotagging, I wanted to share my photos from my backpacking trips around the world. I built the interface in Flash…

Night Flight

Another photo experiment using some shots from a magical sunset seen from the plane. Always get the aisle seat.