Powder is a travel app for a niche set of adventure seekers. Snow lovers can scour the globe for the best conditions and get all the necessary information they need to quickly book their trip.

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Strategy, Research, UI, Visual Design, Brand Identity



We identified three key pain points when trying to book a snowboard or ski excursion. Where's the best snow access right now? What are my backcountry options? How can I make all these bookings easier? We are solving this by putting all this data that doesn't apply to most other travel sites into one place. Historical snowfall, travel distances, backcountry services, flight and lodging estimates, accurate reporting and more.

Global Search

We want to give adventure seekers the opportunity to search anywhere in the world with up-to-date weather patterns.

Do the research for me

Once a user narrows down the continent they want to go to, we display a list of resorts with the right information to help them make their choice. 

Questions Answered

From the resort detail page, we have all the information to help adventurers to make their decision and start booking – external links to flight, hotels and cabin rentals with pre-populated search results; connections to the local cat skiing and heli skiing operations; and recent videos of the local snow conditions.