Socialtext is an enterprise SaaS product that makes it easier for employees to share expertise, create documents and speed up workflows within their organization.


Our mobile product focused on keeping team members connected when they were on the go and away from their computers. The ability to view signals and contact team members helped increase productivity for our enterprise customers.


We used our software as a feedback forum for clients and quickly learned that onboarding was a major pain point. Users were feeling overwhelmed when taking on the amount of features that Socialtext offered. We saw this as an opportunity to explain some key benefits while providing them with recommendations.



Signals was the at the core of communication within Socialtext.  It went beyond comments/replies, attachments and sharing. It also promoted collaboration by informing group members when new documents were created and edited within their shared workspaces.


The dashboard was a fully customizable experience where users could add the tools they needed to view what was happening within their organization and to collaborate with their teams. This proprietary technology lead us to create a Leadership Development Portal, which was patented under our parent company, Peoplefluent.

People & Groups

Simple surveys identified what information was most valuable to co-workers.

Learning Development Portal

In collaboration with our parent company, Peoplefluent, we used the our highly customizable product to build a system for mentoring workshops for big organizations.